When I'm not working, I'm biking, running, climbing, and skiing my way around my home state of Colorado. I live in the wonderful community of Crested Butte in the Elk Mountains, which lends itself to the adventures below.  



I do my best to live a life of intention and purpose. With gratitude as my fuel, I seek to make the most of my short time on this wonderful planet. There's a ton of unearned privilege on this site, and every day I'm asking myself how I can leverage that to make the world more sustainable and just. The mountains are the place where the answers become the most clear. I'm so thankful for the opportunity I've been given to pass so many special moments in these rocky, icy hills with friends I love. 

"Through God's window into eternity." - Ed Abbey (the ultimate privileged mountain man, for better or worse)

My partner Charlotte and our lil friend Dill.

Drew Kelly going very deep in the Colorado backcountry

Drew Kelly going very deep in the Colorado backcountry for a video that always makes me laugh (sound on).

Ruby Traverse had been on my list for a while!


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Dirtbag Vans
Twice Rounds
YES on 302
Denver Food Rescue
Fresh Food Connect
Denver Sustainability Food Policy Council
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