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Brewery Capital of the Southwest

Celebrating Durango, Colorado's Beer History

We made a mural to celebrate Durango: the brewery capital of the southwest. 

Just to say this off the bat: I did NOT paint this mural. I'm not nearly that talented. My friend and collaborator Hannah Wilson painted this beautiful mural with her beloved mountain and flower-centered style to help turn this previously gray wall into a colorful masterpiece viewed by more than 12 million cars every year!

We worked together to get funding from the City of Durango's Lodger's Tax Arts and Culture Fund, which we used to bring together all FIVE breweries in Durango (a town of 20,000). One of these breweries is Carver Brewing, which is the oldest brewpub in the Southwest, and second oldest in Colorado (which happens to be owned by two of my best friends). We also worked with Ska Brewing, Animas Brewing, Anarchy Brewing, and Steamworks Brewing, who all contributed to the mural costs.

The result is a piece of public art which we hope will make Durango more beautiful and coin the superlative, brewery capital of the Southwest.

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