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Upcycled Food Association

Elevating all food to its highest and best use. 


Let's get the most food possible out of the current agricultural footprint.

Food waste costs trillions of dollars per year, and is responsible for six percent fo greenhouse gas emissions. If we took the 30% of all food that is currently wasted, made better use of it, and sold it, we'd avoid both of these problems. 


Upcycled Food Association is the only trade association focused on preventing food waste by accelerating the upcycling industry. With more than 250 members around the world, UFA is the center of the upcycling movement, driving critical investment, research, and collaboration. Its flagship certification program, Upcycled Certified, has already tracked billions of pounds of food waste prevention. Look for the Upcycled Certified mark on hundreds of products to improve your shopping cart's carbon footprint. 

I co-founded UFA in 2019 and served as the CEO until 2022. Learn more about their amazing work on their website:

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