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One in seven Denver kids is Hungry. Let's end this problem by providing healthy food and education while supporting Colorado farms.


This is a no brainer! Kids need healthy food, and enough of it, to succeed. There's tons of research that has shown that kids with access to enough healthy food will do better in school, go further in school, make more money, and have better health as adults. 

If you live in Denver, you are faced with a decision: are you willing to pay less than one cent on a $10 purchase to give thousands of low-income Denver children the food they need to fulfill their potential? 

Ordinance 302 is a 100% community-supported ballot initiative, that would create a community-run fund to grant out money to schools, organizations, and programs that provide healthy food and healthy food education to Denver kids, focusing on low-income kids. One of my favorite parts of this initiative is that it also supports local food. When recipients of the funding are required, when possible, to purchase the food they provide from Colorado farms, keeping our money local and supporting local farmers. 

Whether you are a parent, educator, farmer or simply believe in the future of Denver kids, I urge you to vote YES on Ordinance 302!

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