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Moving Line

Mountains shape art. Art shapes lives. 

Our first documentary:
Three amateur skiers find their inspiration for creating art after becoming the first to ski across Colorado. 

My brother Cameron Wyatt and I like to work together, and we have created businesses such as Dirtbag Vans together. So, after I left Upcycled Food Association, Cam invited me to work for his video production company, Black Mountain Productions, serving as Producer of his first documentary film.

Moving Line is the story of three men as they seek to cement their names in the ski history books, and then stumble into something much more profound: their passion for creating art. The ringleader, Alex Drummond, is a practical planner and scientist. After meticulously documenting thousands of pages of trip reports from previous ski and climbing expeditions, Alex thought he had come up with the concept that would finally make him a celebrity of the mountains: be the first to ski across Colorado. John King is a whimsical creative who lives on a commune in Boulder, Colorado in the 1970s. He joins Alex on the journey, chasing spiritual enlightenment. The third skier, Peter Vanderwall, is an introspective recluse who John and Alex have not heard from in 45 years.

Their successful ski expedition in 1978 was the first of its kind, following the Continental Divide through Colorado for 500 miles, and helping to map the Colorado Trail. But by the time the group arrived at the end of their adventure, they had realized they had been chasing the same feeling anyone who spends enough time in the mountains is chasing: creative inspiration. Alex goes on to become an award-winning poet, and John a world-renowned kinetic sculptor. 


We have raised more than $34,000 to support the film, including via a successful crowdfunding campaign (thanks to you!). We expect to release the film in 2024.

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